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SSP04647 Amersham RPN2510
Hybridisation oven / shaker 7 place rack LCD display variable parameters
SSP06663 Binder BFD-53

Hybridization oven 53 litre rotary rack digital control ambient +5 to 99.9C

SSP04683 Biometra Duo-therm

Hybridisation oven/workstation, two independent chambers 23x35x23cm

SSP06728 Bio Rad MyCycler

PCR thermo cycler programmable with gradient temperature control on large graphic display

SSP03956 Eppendorf Mastercycler Personal

Thermocycler programmable, fine temperature control, personal memory card - Eppendorf Mastercycler Personal

SSP05072 Grant-Boekel HIM 20

Hybridisation oven chamber (140x140x120mm) PID temperature control

SSP06743 Kyratec Super Cycler SC-200

PCR thermo cycler programmable with gradient temperature control on touch display

SSP06088 Stratagene MX3005P

Real time qPCR PC control with fluorescence and FRET chemistries with software

SSP04983 Techne HB-1D
Hybridisation oven 7 place rack digital control with 4 tubes
SSP05444 Techne Progene
Thermal cycler programmable 20 x 0.5 ml PCR tubes LCD display
SSP06727 Techne TC-5000

Thermocycler programmable with real time touch screen display, gradient temperature control 20C - 70C

SSP06712 VWR 230402-2ILL

Hybridization oven high capacity forced air with platform rocker

Showing 12 of 12