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SSP06464 300

Temperature sensor calibration tester, control 50

SSP02404 Beckman PR
Tube sealer for use with preparative ultracentrifuges for sealing Quick-Seal Tubes
SSP06250 Biomerieux Vitek MS
Mass spectrometry microbial identification system
SSP04107 Bio Rad 165-7065 ProteomeWorks Plus

Spot Cutter with fluorescent enclosure

SSP06386 BioSpherix ProOx C21
Oxygen / carbon dioxide sub-chamber controller for invitro / invivo cell culture includes
SSP05079 Braun Biotech SuperSpinner

Tissue cell culture assembly 1 litre bottle with side ports membrane assembly magnetic stir

SSP03984 Braun FE211
Pump magnetic drive 20, 50, 100ml/min fluid pump head with variable flow
SSP06151 Capintec Inc CRC-Ultra
Beta radiation detector comprising well counter detector with 10 and 20 ml syringe holder
SSP06736 Christ Alpha 1-4 LSC

Freeze dryer 4 Kg ice capacity 58 litre chamber 5 heated shelves acrylic door including Kurt Lester RV206 rotary vane vacuum pump

SSP05088 Cole Palmer CP750

Cell disrupter 750W with ultrasonic converter programable digital display

SSP05631 Don Whitley Scientific WASP2
Spiral Plater microprocessor control 10-400ul dispensor user selectable parameters
SSP06236 Dwyer Magnehelic
Differential low pressure / vacuum gauge -20 in Hg to 15 psig used in safety hoods clean rooms etc
SSP04092 Geiger Taeller 5135.20

Geiger counter for monitoring beta & gamma radiation battery & mains operation

SSP06199 GVR Pompe BCF5M
Pump liquid delivery gear pump 300 L/hr at 10 bar pressure 1400 rpm 240V
SSP05391 Hach BODTrak
BOD analyser (respirometric) with 6 x 437 ml BOD bottles, manual
SSP03413 Hamilton 1701RN
Gas tight hand held digital syringe 10ul battery operated
SSP02672 Hamilton Microlab 1000
Diluter dispenser dual syringe fully programmable
SSP04760 Hamilton Microlab 500 Series

Diluter dispenser dual syringe non-memory LCD variable functions dilution to 1:25000

SSP04547 Heat Systems SonicatorXL2020
Cell disrupter 550W with ultrasonic converter programable digital display
SSP06298 High Pressure Equipment Co TOC27-10-G
High pressure tubular reactor with gasket enclosures 1.15L 5000 psi at 37.5C
SSP05136 IKA BO 6 digital

BOD analysis of fluids with programmable measurement parameters on LCD screen

SSP05546 Integra Bioscience Vacuboy
Vacuum aspiration handheld tool for disposal of bio hazardous liquids
SSP06513 Laborxing SRHCFYF-PPL-50
High pressure reactor with inner PTFE lined vessel 50ml 3MPa working pressure temperature to 230C
SSP04505 Loctite 97031
UV bonding and curing system with lamp housing assembly and model 97104 UV controller
SSP06602 MACSQuant Tyto
Microfluidic Cell Sorter
SSP02112 Millipore Milliflex 100
Microbiological analysis system with mini-Incubator
SSP05984 Misonix Sonicator 3000-010
Cell disruptor 600W 20 kHz programable 432B acoustic enclosure 413C cup horn
SSP04891 Misonix XL-2000

Cell disrupter 100W with ultrasonic converter programable digital display

SSP05902 Narda ESM-3 Radman XT
Radiation monitor portable for exposure evaluation of electric and magnetic fields with manual
SSP04196 Nexus Biosystems USA Autosort 10k

Autosort up to 10K minican reactors with internal RF tags to create compound database

SSP05978 Nihon Pall PFC200BS-N5
Transformer oil bottle sampling system with inbuilt vacuum pump vacuum / pressure selector valve
SSP05390 Radleys Carousel 12 Plus

Reaction carousel up to 12 samples in 25 ml sealed tubes

SSP02737 Research Radiometer IL 1700
Photo current dector with range of accessories
SSP06746 Scanvac Coolsafe 55-4 Pro

Freeze dryer 4Kg, 2.5L/24hr capacity to -55C LCD display 3 adjustable shelves including Javac LD-5 vacuum pump


French pressure cell press with single control pressure selection 40K cell 20K 30K mini-cells

SSP06022 Synthecon RCCS-D
Cell culture system single station base rotational 3-D environment with speed control
SSP06260 Thermo Scientific King Fisher Duo
Nucleic acid and protein purification system complete with software & accessories
SSP06159 UVP CL-1000
Crosslinker 254 nm programmable enegry / time with digital readout safety interlock viewing door
SSP06397 Virtis SQEL-85

Freeze Drier - Lyophilizer 25L ice capacity stopper shelving -70C Wizard 2.0 precise system control

SSP06102 Vitalograph BreathCO 29700

Carbon monoxide breath monitor with calibrator kit sampler tube & manual

SSP06101 Vitalograph BreathCO 29700

Carbon monoxide handheld breath monitoring unit ppm levels with mouth piece sampler tube

SSP05728 WTW OxiTop IS 12
BOD analyser 12 place with stirring platform auto manometric sensor heads instruction manual

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