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Microplate Instrumentation

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SSP05908 Bio Rad 1575 Wellwash
Plate washer programmable features with 8 channel manifold agitation mode wash / rinse waste reservoirs
SSP05133 Bio Rad 680 XR

Microplate reader programmable LC screen filters 340 to 750nm

SSP06218 Bio Rad Bio-Plex Pro II
Microplate wash station programmable with 8 row wash for Bio Rad Bio-Plex assay system
SSP06281 Biotek AF1000A
Microplate dispenser 96 to 384 well programmable with fill volume 5 ul to 6000 ul users manual
SSP06081 Biotek EL 808
Microplate reader programmable with LC display filters 405 450 490 630 nm shaking and heating facilities
SSP05917 Biotek ELx50/8FMW
Microplate washer automated with vacuum filtration and biomagnetic separation facilities with manual
SSP05181 Biotek ELX 800
Microplate reader single and dual wavelength four filter auto select manual
SSP06409 Biotek Precision XS
Microplate robotic sample processor for 96 well plates 8 channel pipette with software
SSP05640 Biotek U-Fill
Microplate 96 / 384 well reagent dispenser programmable 5 to 6000 ul / well up to 75 programs with manual
SSP06174 BMG Labtech FLUOROstar OPTIMA
Microplate reader fluorescence luminescence absorbance UV/Vis software driven features
SSP06247 CAT SH26
Microplate shaker temperature to 40C speed 60
SSP05895 Corning Transtar-96
Liquid handling system for 96 well plates 25 to 200 µL in 5 µL increments portable with manual
SSP03531 Denley Wellmixx
Microplate shaker for two plates fixed speed
SSP05019 Denley Wellwash 2

Plate washer basic with aspirate/dispense controls with W008 vacuum /pressure pump

SSP05475 Dynex Technologies Opsys MR
Microplate reader single & multi wavelength programmable with plate mixing & manual
SGE04636 Heidolph Titramax100

Microplate shaker for 4 plates, variable speed 100-1350 rpm with timer

Microplate shaker for two plates variable speed & timer
SSP05706 Labsystems Multiskan EX
Microplate EIA reader 96 well with 8 filter settings 405
SSP06051 Labsystems Multiskan MS
Microplate EIA reader 96 well 7 filters digital display printer RS232C interface with manual
SSP05386 Labsystems Solo
Microplate warmer digital display temperature set to 50C time set to 180 min
SSP06605 Millipore MultiScreen HTS
Vacuum manifold filtration of multi well plates for flow to waste and analyte collection. New
SSP05812 Molecular Devices MAXline
Plate washer programmable with 8 wash and soak cycles dispense/aspirate/prime/rinse modes
SSP05773 Molecular Devices THERMOmax
Microplate reader with 340 to 650 nm filters 37C kinetic modes and manual
SSP06679 Perkin Elmer Enspire 2300

Multimode plate reader with quad monochromator 230 - 850 nm range touch screen monitor inbuilt PC and dispenser facility

SSP04306 Robbins Scientific Gemini

Twin shaking water bath for four plates variable speed & timer digital display

SSP05563 Sanofi Diagnostics Stat Fax 2200
Microplate Incubator/shaker for 2 x 96 well plates 8-speed orbital mixing to 40C
SSP05796 Thermo Labsystems Ascent 354
Microplate reader programmable dual wavelength 350
SSP06710 Thermo Scientific ALPS 50V

Microplate heat sealer touch pad controls semi-automated compact design

SSP06190 Thermo Scientific iEMS
Microplate incubator / shaker 3 place single cabin unit with programmable settings on LCD
SSP05069 TriContinent MultiWash II
Plate washer programmable with auto functions LCD screen 8 &12 port manifold with manual
SSP06709 VWR 945195

Microplate shaker high speed 600 ~ 2500rpm with 31 x 28cm tray holds 48 microplates stacked

SSP06713 SciGene Hybex

Microsample incubator with PID temperature control ambient + 5C to 99.0C for 96 well plate or tube carrier

SSP06189 Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC

Plate reader for 96 & 384 well plates programmable with 8 place filter wheel 405 450 550 620 nm filters, vibratory shaking

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