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Electrophoresis / Molecular Biology

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SSP06726 Agilent 2100

Bioanalyzer fast and reliable separation, sizing and quantification of DNA, RNA and proteins by miniaturized on-chip electrophoresis

SSP04685 Amersham Pharmacia EPS 3501 XL

Power supply dual channel digital variable voltage to 3500V /400mA 200W

SSP05519 Biochrom WPA UV 1101
DNA / RNA oligonucleotides photometer using 260 / 280 / 595 nm filters
SSP05635 Bio Rad 3000xi
Power supply dual channel digital display variable voltage to 3000v 300mA 400w 4 operating modes with manual
SSP03785 Bio Rad 583

Gel dryer 350 x 450mm 3 programmable cycles selectable temperature range

SSP03907 Bio Rad Criterion Blotter

Blotter cell for two "Criterion gels"

SSP03906 Bio Rad Criterion Cell
Cell 'Criterion' with lower & upper electrodes
SSP06268 Bio Rad Experion
Gel-based integrated electrophoresis system comprising imager, electrophoresis priming and vortex stations
SSP06722 Bio Rad Gel Doc XR+

Gel documentation system, UV transilluminator (29 x 33cm) workstation Hood, CCD camera, Image Lab software V3 with PC

SSP03914 Bio Rad Mini Prep Cell
Cell 'Mini prep' continuous elution electrophoresis system 'as new'
SSP03931 Bio Rad Mini Protean 3 Cell

Cell vertical with Mini Trans-Blot transfer for rapid transfer of two gel blots

SSP03930 Bio Rad Mini Protean 3 Cell
Cell vertical with 'Ready Gel' cell frame for precast gels
SSP03903 Bio Rad Mini Protean II
Cell 'Multi-casting' suited for hand cast gels
SSP03904 Bio Rad Mini Protean II

Cell Mini Trans-Blot for rapid running of up to 2 minigel blots

SSP03905 Bio Rad Mini Protean II
Electro-Eluter preparative recovery for single or multiple gels
SSP02360 Bio Rad Mini Protean II

Cell 'Ready Gel'

SSP03909 Bio Rad Mini Sub Cell GT

Cell horizontal for rapid separations of 30 samples of small DNA fragments

SSP03900 Bio Rad PowerPac200

Power supply four channel programmable output voltage to 200V 2A

SSP04856 Bio Rad Protean II xi

Cell vertical with wide format cell frame to run up to four 16x16 or 16x20cm gels

SSP03911 Bio Rad Sub Cell GT
Cell Sub GT suitable for wide choice gel lengths
SSP03912 Bio Rad Sub Cell model 96

Cell for simultaneous analysis of 51 or 96 samples per gel

SSP06216 Bio Rad Trans-Blot SD
Transfer cell semi
SSP06217 Bio Rad White Light 2000
Transilluminator white light for use with Bio-Rad Gel Doc and Chemi Doc systems
SSP03910 Bio Rad Wide Mini Sub Cell GT

Cell 'wide mini' suited for rapid screening applications with a wider separation platform

SSP06173 GE Amersham Ettan DALTsix
Cell for 2D six place protein electrophoresis for 26 x 20 cm gel slabs heat exchanger
SSP06496 Invitrogen EBMO3
Electrophoresis of pre
SSP03918 Invitrogen XCell SureLock Mini-Cell

Cell vertical 10x10cm gel (cassette) Surelock mini cell system

SSP06592 LI-COR Odyssey CLx 9140

NIR low background fluorescence detection imaging system

SSP01213 LKB 2301
Power supply
SSP06578 Lonza Nucleofector II
Single cell non-viral transfection electroporative system in various cell types
SSP05721 Pharmacia GeneQuant pro
DNA /RNA spectrophotometer for protein calculations and quantification LC display with manual
SSP05160 Proteome Systems 6000P Series 90

Power supply four channel programmable 1000V 200mA

SSP03778 Savant SGD 4050

Gel dryer with timer & temperature control to 80C working area 50x40cm

SSP06120 Thermo Electron PRO6000
Power supply programmable LC display voltage to 6000V / 200mA / 200W
SSP05003 UVP M-20

Transilluminator dual range 4 x 15W UV-B lamps 200 x200mm filter plate

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