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SPA06007 Advanced Cell Diagnostics HybEZ Oven
Hybridization benchtop oven for "RNAscope" RNA-ISH assay controlled humidifying chamber
SPA05023 Anglia Scientific AS1590
Floatation bath 3.25 litre temp control up to 70C LED display
SPA04150 Baxter Dade DAC11
Cell washer automatic with spare rotor
SPA01616 Baxter Immufuge 11

Cell washing centrifuge with digital display touch key pad high / low settings

SPA02907 Bio Rad
Haemoglobin detector and step gradient controller
SPA03876 Dako
Immunoperoxidase staining system
SPA04665 Electrothermal MH8501

Floatation bath 2.5 litres with variable thermostat remote controller to 75C

SPA04666 Electrothermal MH8523B
Wax dispenser 4.5 litres with thermostat control to 75C
SPA05916 Hamamatsu ICA-1000
Immunochromatographic dipstick reader for quantitative measurements MS1000 software
SPA05111 Material Science NW Ltd

Bone cartilage and tissue saw comprising speed control unit foot switch

SPA06469 Medax 13801
Slide warmer 390 x 290 mm drying plate with PID temperature control to 100C
SPA03196 Ortho Diagnostics BioVue

Blood grouping block heater digital touch screen includes reagent cassettes

SPA06280 Oxford Bacti-Cinerator III
Steriliser for inoculating loops and needles
SPA01362 Oxoid
Disc dispensers 6 place
SPA06551 Premiere XH-1003
Flotation bath 2 litre programmable temperature range to 75C digital display
SPA05647 Sigma Aldrich CD1-1KT
Tissue grinder kit includes screens & glass pestles screen replacement keys
SPA04725 Stuart Scientific SC5

Colony counter digital electronic pressure sensor

SPA06750 Thermo Linistat

Compact slide stainer with 14 staining reservoirs

SPA06684 Thermo Scientific CTM 6

Coverslipper automated system on LC display to process up to 450 slides / hour with variable coverslip size function

SPA06005 Thermo Scientific Shandon E22.01MWS
Micro writer slide labeller automated for engraving ID and bar codes on slides
SPA06004 Thermo Scientific Shandon Para Trimmer
Wax trimmer for post embedded tissue cassettes with heated ridged surface

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