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SPA06416 Leica CM 1900

Cryostat 0C to -35C programmable features with manual feed wheel operation manual

SPA06678 Leica RM 2255

Rotary microtome fully automatic motorized with external controller advanced features 0.5 - 100 um thickness universal knife holder


 leica_rm2255_ifu_2v3j_en.pdf  leica_rm2255_technical_data_en.pdf
SPA06413 Leica VT1000S

Vibrating blade microtome with all adjustable operating parameter adjustments users manual

SPA06398 Thermo Scientific Shandon Cryotome

Cryostat with temperature control to -30C defrost fumigation features programmable controls

SPA05955 Vibratome Series 1000
Vibrating tissue sectioning microtome designed for unfrozen non embedded soft tissue
SPA06414 Vibratome Series 3000Plus
Vibrating tissue sectioning microtome with semi-automatic and manual stage movements digital display
SPA01235 Leica

CO2 freezing stage type bench mounted

SPA04804 Reichert Jung 2030
Rotary Microtome with disposable knife holder
SPA04805 Reichert Jung 2035
Rotary Microtome with disposable knife holder
SPA04806 Anglia Scientific
Rotary microtome with solid knife
SPA05409 Reichert Jung SuperCut 2050
Rotary microtome motorized programmable for soft to hard material

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