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SPA05314 Abbott i-Stat
Point of Care clinical analyser hand held with HP 82240B printer on 60
SPA05637 Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL
Cell Viability Analyser PC controlled includes 12 place sample carousel PC and software
SPA05912 Boule Medical AB Medonic CA620VET
Heamatology veterinary analyser fully automated for 20 blood parameters printer with manual
SPA02985 Kodak IBI Biolyzer

Rapid analysis system with dry slide technology for colorimetric end point assays

SPA04321 Organon Teknika Coag-A-Mate XM

Coagulometer, dual independent stations for simultaneous testing of different assays

SPA05518 Roche Cardiac Reader
Point of Care desk top analyser for rapid diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome
SPA05484 Sysmex CA-50
Blood coagulation analyser programmable for multi parameter analysis LC display in-built printer manual

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