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SOP05742 Amersham Biosciences Ultrospec 500Pro
VIS single beam 325
SOP05481 Bio Rad SmartSpec 3000
UV/VIS single beam 200
SOP06066 Charm Sciences Inc Charm LSC 6600
Luminometer LSC system for detection of drug residues, block heater and manual
SOP06049 Hach PocketColorimeterII
Photometer portable 420nm fixed wavelength range 0
SOP06526 Hanna C 100 Series
Photometer portable measure 36 water quality parameters new in box includes reagents accessories and manual
SOP03970 Hanna C99

Visible bench photometer battery operated microprocesor controlled

SOP04276 Hanna HI93728
Visible range portable nitrate meter with standards manual as new condition
SOP06283 Jenway 6305
Single beam compact UV / Vis range 198 to 1000 nm on LC display with xenon flash lamp
SOP06601 Palintest 7100 Photometer
Photometer for water quality pre programmed test modes with cuvettes portable in carrying case
SOP04942 ProMinent Dulcotest DT1

Spectrophotometer portable digital analysis system for Chlorine, Bromine, Chlorine Dioxide

SOP06478 Shimadzu IRAfinity-1

FT-IR, includes IR Solution software, library, diagnostics, auto protocols, Specac ATR diamond accessory

SOP06717 Spectra Star 2600 XT TW

Near Infra-Red Analyser 1100 - 2600nm wavelength range for analysis of moisture, fat, protein, sugar etc.


SOP06579 Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Lite

Spectrophotometer for nano concentration measurements at 260 / 280 nm

SOP06067 Varian Cary Bio 300 UV-VIS
UV/Vis dual beam 190
SOP05090 VICAM Series-4

Fluorometer for myotoxin assay with dedicated test kit includes inbuilt printer LED display

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