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Water Baths / Circulators

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SGE06373 Agilent Technologies G3292A

Recirculating chiller portable -10C ~ 40C cooling capacity 1.775kW at 20C flow 11L/min with 4.2L reservoir 240V 8.9A

SGE06385 Grant GLS400
Shaking bath 18 litre linear motion 40
SGE05119 Grant SUB6

6 litre uncirculated bath 350W digital control

SGE06729 Grant TC120

Circulating heater LED display 1300W -20 to 120C (with ext cooling) flow rate to 16L/min including ST5 5 litre bath. NEW

SGE04317 Grant Y14

14 litre bath with VF series heater/circulator to 100C digital display 1500W S/S gable lid

SGE02513 Heto CB60

20 litre circulating cooling bath digital control -20C to +80C

SGE05758 Huber CC-K15

15 litre cooling bath with Polystat cc digital circulator -20 to 200C

SGE06651 Julabo F12-ED

4.5 litre circulating cooling bath electronic control LED display range -20 to 100C stability 0.03C

SGE06160 Julabo F25-ME

4.5 litre refrigerated / heating circular, integrated programmer, Active Cooling Control

SGE06540 Julabo FL601

Recirculating chiller portable 8L reservoir -20 to 40C 0.6kW cooling capacity @ 20C flow 23L/min 240V 5A

SGE06506 Julabo FP40 MW

12 litre refrigerated / heating circulator -40 to +200C programmable digital display, 2kW heater

SGE05398 Julabo FP80-SP

22 litre ultra low refrigerated circulator with dual LED display -80 to +100C

SGE06241 Julabo SW22

Shaking bath 20 litre microprocessor control motion 20

SGE06631 Julabo TW20

20 litre uncirculated bath solid state temperature control to 95C digital display with gable lid

SGE03292 Kotterman 3044
25 litre uncirculated bath with thermostat control analog display & S/S lid
SGE03749 Labec
Boiling bath s/steel circular rings accommodate single flask up to 20 litres thermostat control 1500W
SGE06732 LabTech H150-3000

Recirculating chiller portable 8C to 35C cooling capacity 3kW at 25C flow 12L/min

SGE06404 Memmert WB22

22 litre uncirculated bath solid state temperature control digital display temperature to 95C

SGE06432 Neslab CFT-33

Recirculating chiller 4.1L reservoir 5C to 30C cooling capacity flow 7.5L/min 240V 6.7A

SGE03032 Neslab EX-111

7 litre bath with heater/circulator constant temperature to 150C 2 stage pump digital control

SGE03401 Qualtex
40 litre uncirculated bath thermostat control with gable lid
SGE06664 Solid State Cooling Technologies 200

Thermocube cooling circulator 200W with 300ml reservoir +5C to 50C flow rate 1 to 3 litres per minute

SGE06650 Thermoline WB22

22 litre uncirculated bath digital display temperature to 95C with lid

SGE06708 VWR 89202-976

7 litre circulating cooling bath with advanced programmable controller -20C to 200C +/- 0.01C 16.7L/p ext pump out - NEW in box

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