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Viscometry / Rheometry

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SGE03856 Brookfield D
Helipath stand model with spindle set (model C also Available)
SGE06228 Brookfield DV-I
Digital Lv and Rv types with spindle set stand, factor finder & manual
SGE04562 Brookfield DV III
Rheometer programmable with 10 multi-speed test programs 0.1
SGE06706 Brookfield KU-1+

Paint fluid viscometer 40 - 141 Krebs units with gram value selection paddle spindle 200 rpm constant speed

SGE06610 Brookfield LDDV
SGE03480 Brookfield LVTDV-11 CP

Low viscosity digital with CP51 cone spindle & stand (missing sample cup)

SGE05016 Brookfield RVF
Medium viscosity dial type with spindle set stand & case 'as new'
SGE05980 Tamson TV4000
Viscosity bath for 8 viscosity tubes temperature to 230C 2800W includes manual
SGE04792 Tamson TXV40
Viscosity bath 4 port plate with cooling coil inlet digital control to 250C 3000W
SGE05203 Thermo HAAKE

Falling ball viscometer temperature jacketed with tubes balls thermometer and manual

SGE06512 Thermo Scientific Haake Viscomete 6 Plus
Viscometer medium range (RV) carrying case with spindle set stand and manual

Showing 11 of 11