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Sample Preparation

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SGE05366 Braun Biotech
Ball mill 50 to 2000/min shaking frequency 99 min or continuous mode
SGE06453 Buhler Metaserv 95-C2345

Grinder polisher  dual wheel 200mm

SGE06077 Heidolph REAX 20
Rotary tumbler for up to 4 bottles 160
SGE06401 IKA A10
Mill 50 ml effective volume with option for cooling suitable for hard and soft materials
SGE03383 IKA M20
Universal mill 250ml volume 6-7mm grain size s/steel cutter with manual
SGE04500 Newport Scientific 6000 Series

Hammer mill high power grinds wide range of samples cast iron chamber interchangeable sieve

SGE05610 Retsch MM 300
Mixer mill high-throughput system for simultaneous, rapid and effective disruption of biological samples
SGE05687 Retsch RMO
Mortar grinder with agate mortar and pestle, timer control to 60min
SGE04662 Retsch S1000

Centrifical ball type with two 150ml agate jars, clamps & balls, 100-580rpm

SGE04978 Sherwood Scientific Fluid Bed Dryer

Dryer highly efficient bench top unit using heated air (to 200C) to remove moisture & solvents

SGE06348 Soilcrete
Sample splitter 10 x 40mm chutes with 3 collection troughs
SGE06349 Soilcrete
Sample splitter 12 x 7mm chutes with 3 collection troughs
SGE03887 Specac Specamill 6000
IR-sampling grinding mill with agate vessel & 30 min timer
SGE06576 Tecator 1090 Cemotec
Mill designed for grain and seed samples with no loss of moisture variable particle size adjustment

Showing 14 of 14