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Peristaltic Pumps

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SGE03576 Activon VTL
10 channel system 4mm tubing analog controller variable functions
SGE05764 BAXA 099
Single channel repeater pump fixed and user defined speed & flow options programmable interval and volume settings
SGE05312 Cobe
Single channel heavy duty perfusion pump digital RPM / LPM display
SGE05928 Cole Palmer 7090-42
Pump head heavy duty diaphragm PTFE flow to 800 mls / min includes manual
SGE03585 Cole Palmer 7544-30
Single channel Masterflex 7015 head 30rpm fixed speed
SGE03577 Gambro BP-3A
Single channel dispensing pump ml/min gauge
SGE05597 Gilson Minipulse 3
2, 4 or 8 channel pump tube 0.25 to 4 mm flow rate 0.3ul / min to 30mls / min digital display
4 channel system touch pad control
SGE06505 Ismatec IPC
8 channel system with digital controls maximum 44ml per minute per channel
SGE06504 Ismatec IPS
12 Channel system with analogue controls maximum 28ml per minute per channel
SGE03583 LKB Perpex 10200
Single channel 3mm tubing
SGE03796 Masterflex 07532-02

Dual & single channel EasyLoad 7518 pump fixed speed flow rate 2800mls/min with 10ml tubing

SGE03895 Masterflex 7090-42

Single channel ptfe diaphragm pump head

SGE05747 Masterflex 7549-44

Single channel dispensing pump variable speed 50

SGE06136 Masterflex 7591-55
Single channel modular pump system 07591-55 with benchtop controller 77601-00 Easy-Load I/P pump
SGE04442 Masterflex Console Drive 7521-45

Single channel speed control CW/CCW mode "Easy Load" 7518-60 pump head

SGE05385 Masterflex HV-7552-70
Single channel head variable speed modular drive 6
SGE06437 Masterflex L/S Series 7523-80
Variable drive programmable dispensing pump 600 rpm maximum flow to 3400 mls/min LED display
SGE06438 Masterflex L/S Series 7550-30

Dispensing / metering pump programmable selection with speed to 600 rpm flow to 3400mls/min

SCH03065 Pharmacia P-3

Peristaltic pump with variable speed control, CW/CCW , x1/x10 speed mode selection

SGE02743 Watson Marlow 101U
Single channel system analog 20ml/min variable speed auto/manual operation
SGE06544 Watson Marlow 101U/R
Single channel 2 to 32 rpm flow to 53 mls/min with auto / manual mode selection
SGE03587 Watson Marlow 302
10 channel system 4mm tubing separate analog controller variable functions
SGE03586 Watson Marlow 502S
Single channel dispensing pump variable speed auto/manual operation
SGE03791 Watson Marlow 503S
Single channel variable speed 50rpm / 250ml/min with 8mm ID tubing auto/manual operation
SGE04350 Watson Marlow 503U

Multichannel head (10) low volume flow rate digital controller dual direction and variable speed drive

SGE03120 Watson Marlow 503U

Single channel system digital variable speed control rpm display auto/manual operation

SGE06059 Watson Marlow 505Di
Dosing pump programmable with 8 channel cassette head speed to 170 rpm digital display
SGE03792 Watson Marlow 505S

Single channel dispensing pump variable speed 50rpm / 250ml/min with 8mm ID tubing auto/manual operation

SGE06721 Watson Marlow 521VI/R2C

Varmeca driver control speed 23 - 220 rpm 4.4 mls/min on 520RC head separate control suitable for dosing applications

SGE05436 Wheaton Ommispence Plus
Single channel dispensing pump variable modes with counter display
SGE06297 Wheaton Unispence
Dispensing system programmable modes with 0.2

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