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SGE06050 Applied Membranes Inc. SDI-2000
Silt density index test kit portable analysis with instructions
SGE05997 APS 2770 PT
Furnace tongs platinum tipped stainless steel with shield 400mm 'new'
SGE05614 Bio Rad 1000
Light box with fixed intensity 260 x 210 mm
SGE06466 BYK Chemie Pocket Gloss Meter
Gloss meter portable single angle 20 degree with gloss / semi gloss calibration tile
SGE06460 Cole Parmer 100

Syringe pump rack for 0.5 to 60 ml syringes flow rate 1.28

SGE06211 Delta Instruments SADPmini
Dew point hygrometer hand held range -100C to 20C advanced data logging
SGE06474 Dionex ACE 200
Solvent extraction system for accelerated extraction of samples on 24 place cell and vial carousels
SGE06705 Dow Corning Pharma-65

Platinum-cured silicone reinforced tubing 15.24m ID:12.7mm OD: 17.46mm NEW in Box

SGE05598 Grundfos CH4-50
High pressure booster pump flow rate 88
SGE06046 Hach CEC-2
Chlorine Coliform pH portable test kit with dry block heater UV lamp pH meter comparator reagents
SGE06521 Hach DO175
Dissolved oxygen meter portable microprocessor controlled with probe on 3 meter cable
SGE06054 Hach HAC-DT
Hardness (total & calcium) portable test kit with reagents and labware range 10
SGE06703 Hach Pocket Turbidimeter

Turbidimeter hand held in carrying case with calibration standards cells & accessories

SGE06056 Hach ToxTrac
Toxicity screening test in water including total bacteria counts with media reagents and labware
SGE06715 Hanna HI 8751

Thermometer digital portable -40C to 150C range with probe, 1 meter cable

SGE05693 Harvard Apparatus 11 Plus

Syringe infusion pump volume / flow rate on digital display for single syringe manual

SGE05296 HF Scientific
Turbidimeter digital bench model 0
SGE06617 inO2 Oxygen Meter

Dissolved oxygen meter with 2mm OD OXY-2 sensor

SGE04453 Kane-May KM8004

Thermohygrometer portable + power pack digital display %RH & temperature


Torque tester bottle cap battery or mains operated programmable with 5 unit selection mode

SGE05310 KD Scientific KD100

Syringe infusion pump menu driven volume and flow rate digital display for syringe size 10 ul to 60 ml

SSP05565 Lutron AM-4204
Hot wire anenometer with telescopic sensor head 0.2
SGE06621 LW Scientific DT2234C

Tachometer hand held laser battery operated with speed 2.5 - 99,999 rpm on digital display

SGE06367 Miele G7733

Washing machine for laboratory glassware with basic tray 415V 8.2kW

SGE06366 Miele Professional G7883 CD
Washing machine-disinfector for laboratory glassware with basic tray 415V 8.2kW
SGE05612 Northern Light B90
Light box with digital display & variable intensity control 370 x 340 mm
SGE06347 Phipps & Bird 7790-402
Flocculator 6 place with high/low variable speed selectivity & digital display
SGE06758 Plas Labs 862-SS

Desiccator cabinet 160 litre S/S construction five shelves with flow meter, pressure relief and N2 valve

SGE05139 Protimeter Grainmaster i

Moisture meter for grains with inbuilt grinder LC display operational mode keys battery

SGE06259 Pyrex

Measuring cylinder set 50 100 250 500 1000ml precision grade A Pyrex glass in carrying case

SGE04451 Sato NSII-S Sigma II
Thermohygrograph 3 speed 1,3, 32 day battery operated
SGE02217 Seybert & Rahier R410L
Liquid delivery pump with nylon head
SGE06603 Shaw SADPmini
Dew point moisture meter portable -110C to 20C dew point with auto calibration pressure adjustment
SGE05613 Sigma T2203
Light box with variable light intensity control 370 x 210 mm
SGE06293 Sussman MBA3

Steam generator electric single phase 13 Amp automatically maintains 100 psi pressure

SGE06702 TESTO 435

Hot wire anemometer portable with vane accessory multi modal parameters on LC display

SGE04944 UVP C70-G

UV light viewing box with 254 & 366nm and white light selection 330 x 540mm curtained access

SGE06552 YSI 5000

Dissolved oxygen meter menu driven on LC display waterproof with probe temperature / salinity compensation

SGE02369 YSI 59
Dissolved oxygen meter bench unit digital with probe

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