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SGE02884 AL Franklyn
Ford cups with stand, Nos. 2 to 5
SGE02453 AL Franklyn FLC19
Zahn S/S flow cup 44ml 'new'
SGE06673 Anton Paar DMA 35N

Density meter portable range 0 - 1.999 g/ml digital display with temperature compensation

SGE06720 Anton Paar PMA 5

Flash point tester Pensky-Martens gas or electric ignition inbuilt std methods: ASTM D93 A, B and C, ISO 2719 A, B and C, JIS K2265 A, JIS K2265 B


SGE04688 Buchi B-545

Melting point apparatus auto determination up to 3 samples LCD digital control with temperature

SGE04436 Delmhorst Instrument Co. J-4
Moisture meter for wood analog control 6-30% MC portable
SGE06511 ERNST AT130 D
Rockwell hardness tester with accessories Rockwell loads to 150 kp (1471N) Brinell loads to 187.5 kp (1839N)
Packaging leak tester with vacuum chamber 270 mm x 270 mm vacuum and time set controls
SGE02874 Instron 2512-110
Tension load cell 50
SGE06588 KEM DA-500
Density meter programmable with LC display temperature control auto calibration 0
SGE06162 Mark 10 M3i
Digital Force / Torque tester portable with LC screen, usb smart connector and RO2 compact compression sensor
SGE04570 Mecmesin AFG-100N
Force gauge digital display programmable 0-100N with M200E stand, digital micrometer and accessories
SGE04924 Mettler Toledo FP62

Melting point apparatus microprocessor programmable range to 300C, 0.10C/min LED display

SGE05325 Mettler Toledo FP80HT
Melting point central processor unit for use with (optional) measuring cell
SGE05322 Mettler Toledo FP81HT
Measuring cell for melting, boiling and cloud point determinations includes manual
SGE05323 Mettler Toledo FP82HT
Hot stage for microscopic or photometeric measurements of thermal behaviour of samples
SGE03108 PTC 306L
Durometer (A-scale) for rubber & associated materials includes model 360 test stand
SGE05461 Stuart Scientific SMP2
Melting point apparatus semi automatic digital display with illuminated viewer
SGE06738 Taber 5130

Rotary wheel platform abrasion tester with control panel includes 500 and 1000 gm weights assorted Calibrase wheel sets

SGE05566 Thomas Scientific Uni-Melt II
Melting point apparatus automatic control with three sample ports LC display temperature to 400C

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