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Incubators / Environmental Cabinets

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SGE06135 Benchmark H2200-H MyTemp

Incubator portable 20L digital control +5C - 60C 2 shelves 240V with 12V car adapter and internal outlet

SGE06609 Binder KBF240

Climatic test chamber 240L -10C to 100C with humidity 10 to 90% dual doors & internal glass doors

SGE06033 Boekel 132000

Incubator 9L compact size gravity convection temperature to 60C 110V - transformer included

SGE06575 Climacell CLC 707 TV

Growth chamber 700L with internal lighting temperature to 100C RH 10

SGE06311 Contherm Biocell 1000

Incubator 50L microprocessor control to 100C fan forced with timer and recorder

SGE06645 Coy 1200001

Anaerobic chamber vinyl twin arm 920mm with automatic air lock, catalyst fan box and vacuum pump

SGE06582 Eppendorf S41i

CO2 incubator 170L with shaking platform 36 x 61cm 25- 400 rpm temp to 50C C02 range 0.2 to 20 touch screen

SGE06393 Extech 267
Glove box 4 ports, isolated chamber, 4 channel rotameter flow regulators, humidity & oxygen indicators, S/S bench
SGE06045 Hach
Incubator portable 3L with 39 x 18 mm tube rack 12V adapter 30C to 50C +/- 0.5C
SGE06316 HLS IF225
Incubator 250L gravity convection digital control to 80C temp limit inner glass door
SGE04287 IEC CH2250

15 litre oven gravity convection thermostat control to 110C

SGE05142 IEC CH2251

15 litre oven fan assist to 150C digital control

SGE06543 Labec K36
Refrigerated Incubator 300L fan forced PID control -5C to 38C I.D. 60W x 50D x 95cmH with 3 shelves
SGE06406 Steridium E170
Growth chamber 170L I.D. 70W x 60D x 40cmH 4C to 50C day/night controls with internal LED lighting
SGE05608 Thermo Forma 3951
CO2 Incubator 823L digital controller, CO2 & selectable humidification at 80 and 90%
SGE06242 Thermoline TRI-140
Refrigerated incubator 140L fan forced digital control +5 to 45C with safety limit
SGE05942 Thermo Scientific 4141
CO2 Incubator 180L water jacketed temperature to 55C CO2 to 20% 4 shelves 'new'
SGE05947 Thermo Scientific Heracell 150i
CO2 Incubator 150L temperature to 55C CO2 to 20% O2 to 90% 3 shelves
SGE06606 Thermo Scientific Heracell VIOS 160i
CO2 Incubator 165L temperature to 55C CO2 to 20% O2 1 to 21% or 5-90% Humidity 93% at 37C
SGE05948 Thermo Scientific Heratherm IMH60

Incubator 66L fan forced digital control to 105C timer with 2 selves

SGE05625 Waeco Coolpro
Incubator portable with dual temperature setpoint at 5 or 37C 12V DC with 240V adapter

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