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Hotplate / Magnetic Stirrers

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SGE04286 IEC CH2080 001

Magnetic stirrer 210 x 180mm epoxy coated speed control

SGE04285 IEC CH2092 001

Hotplate Magnetic stirrer 210 x 180mm alloy plate 600W thermosat heat control

SGE05294 IKA Midi MR1

Stirrer 360 x 360 mm s/steel top for up to 50L tachometer to 1000 rpm and timer 0 - 56 min

SGE06628 Lab Companion MS53M

Stirrer 15 place s/steel top speed to 2000 rpm digital display - Lab Companion MS53M

SGE06237 Variomag Telesystem 06.07

Stirrer submersible s/steel 360 x 240mm 6 place for up to 800 mL with external controller

SGE05076 Wheaton Micro-Stir

Stirrer 4 position type for up to 3L containers LED display 5-200 rpm with timer

SGE05775 Techne MCS-104S
Stirrer 4 place for 500ml vessels speed to 80 rpm interval setting user manual
Stirrer s/steel top 120x170mm separate low voltage power pack
SGE04999 Corning PC-610

Stirrer ceramic top 240x250mm LCD control speed 50-1000rpm

SGE04628 IKA KMO2 basic
Stirrer s/steel top 140x150mm 100-1100rpm
SGE05456 Fauske & Associates Super Stirrer
Stirrer ceramic top 240 x 260 mm powerful motor tachometer to 1000 rpm
SGE05434 Toyo Kagaku RS8
Stirrer s/steel top 230x240 mm powerful action with reverse direction control
SGE05455 IKA Maxi M1
Stirrer s/steel top 320 x 440 mm for up to 50L tachometer to 1000 rpm and timer 0
SGE04652 Heidolph MR3002

Stirrer / hotplate 600W s/steel top 150mm dia with external temperature port to 350C

SGE05238 Electrothermal HS4000 MkI
Stirrer / hotplate ceramic top 180x180mm programmable control

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