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Homogenisers / Dispersers / Blenders

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SGE04622 Heidolph Silent Crusher M

Homogeniser dispersion speed 26000 rpm up to 2 litre volumes with 6mm dispersing tool, stand and control unit

SGE06376 IKA T10 Basic

Homogenizer for tissue with 5x85 mm tool speed 830 - 29000 rpm for 0.5 - 100 ml volumes with stand

SGE05055 IKA T50 Basic

Homogeniser 10000rpm 1100W up to 30 litre volumes with  choice of S50N-G45G or G45F dispersing elements

SGE04621 IKA T8

Hand held unit for small volumes with S8N-5G 5mm shaft and T 8.1 dispersing station

SGE06622 Kinematica Polytron PT2100

Homogeniser 500W with PT-DA2107/EC dispersing tool, speed to 30,000 rpm

SGE06731 Kinematica Polytron PT 3100

Homogeniser dispersion speed to 25000 rpm up to 4 litre volumes with 30mm dispersing tool and heavy duty lift stand

SGE04919 Kinematica Polytron PT 3100 D

Homogeniser dispersion speed to 30,000 rpm up to 10 litre volumes with stand, 20mm & 30mm dispersion tools available

SGE04163 Kinematica PT 1200C

Hand held up to 250ml volumes speed 22 000rpm

SGE05621 Koruma / Loher BRV

Mixing vessel 6 litre S/S with high shear disperser motor pressure/vacuum port & toggle valve

SGE06378 Omni International TH 02

Homogenizer for tissue with speed 5000 - 35000 rpm 5 x 755 mm s/s tool for 0.2 - 100 ml volumes with stand

SGE04859 Seward 3500

Stomach action blender for 3500g bags 3 speed settings with preset timer

SGE04716 Seward 400

Stomach action blender for 400gm bags 3 speed with timer

SGE02269 Seward 80

Stomach action blender for 80gm sample bags

SGE06584 Silverson

Mixing head, In-line assembly to suit Silverson L4 series homogenisers. Includes general purpose screen

SGE02451 Silverson L2Air
Air driven
SGE03723 Waring 800EBU

Blender with 1L stainless steel container single speed

SGE05933 Waring LB20EG

Blender variable speed with 1 litre stainless steel container with lid.

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