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SGE06219 Advantec KST90

Pressure dispensing filtration assembly 304 s/s 90 mm filter holder 700 ml capacity

SGE06530 Bio Rad Bio-Dot
Filtration manifold for 96 well plates
SGE02420 Ekwip
Inline S/S 47mm Filter
SGE01408 Gelman
Dispensing S/S 11 litre pressure vessel
SGE05988 Marc Technologies Essa
Pressure filter S/S 4 litre bench mounted on pivoted frame with pressure gauge & relief valve
SGE03218 Millipore

Vacuum manifold 3 position with microfil supports & filtration funnels

SGE02930 Millipore
Pressure dispensing vessel S/S 20 litre
SGE01145 Millipore 1225
Manifold for multiple 13mm membranes
SGE06292 Millipore Labscale TFF System

Filtration system tangential flow 500 ml graduated reservoir stirrer / pump speed flow control

SGE05745 Millipore Pellicon 2
Ultrafiltration cassette
SGE06500 Millipore PREP/SCALE TFF-2

Tangential flow filtration system with holder assembly accessories cartridge

SGE02421 Millipore XX2004720
Hydrosol S/S 47mm filter holder
SGE05710 Pall

Filtration manifold 6 place with graduated 300 ml magnetically sealed funnels

SGE06212 Promega Vac-Man
Vacuum manifold Plasmid with 20 individual leur-lok stopcocks
SGE02425 Sartorius
Pressure dispensing vessel S/S 5 litre
SGE03008 Sartorius SM16268077700
Sanitary S/S 125mm filter holder
SGE05474 Technilab Instruments Filtermatic 360
Centrifical filtration system for high speed solvent and emulsion separations

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