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Evaporators / Concentrators

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SGE06724 Bibby RE200

Rotary evaporator speed control manual lift complete with all glassware RE200B water bath temperature to 100C

SGE06698 Buchi R 11

Rotary evaporator with manual jack glassware water bath temperature to 100C

SGE05166 Buchi R-114

Rotary evaporator complete with glassware & temperature controlled water bath digital display

SGE04897 Buchi R-220

Rotary evaporator large scale unit with 20L evaporation flask, 10L receiving flask, vertical cold trap

SGE05282 Christ RVC 2-18
Centrifugal vacuum concentrator with MZ2C pump
SGE06332 Heidolph Laborota 4000
Rotary evaporator with manual lift rotary speed to 270 rpm water bath temperature control to 100C
SGE06465 Kem-Scientific NGH
Nitrogen gas heater 1L / min with PID temperature controller to 300C
SGE06644 Labconco Centrivap 7810015

Concentrator with 7455100 rotor (13 x 75mm tubes) and 7811030 cold trap, Welsh 2018Z-02 diaphragm chemical resistant vacuum pump 68 litre / minute displacement

SGE05911 Thermo Electron SPD111V
Centrifugal vacuum concentrator with 80 place rotor temp to 80C timer to 10 hrs digital control
SGE03678 Savant SC210A

Centrifugal vacuum concentrator with choice of rotors UVS400A Vapournet system & cold trap

SGE06353 Vacuubrand CVC 2II
Vacuum pump controller LC display 975

Showing 11 of 11