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Block Heaters

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SGE05529 Boekel MiniFridge II 260009

Cooling dry block incubator 4C to ambient digital display holds 2 blocks

SGE05779 Electrothermal STEM RS600

Reaction block six position sample size to 250 ml to 250C bidirectional stirring

SGE06018 Grant QBT1

Single block heater for 12 x 16 mm tube size with temperature to 150C digital display

SGE03942 Hach 45600

Single block COD reactor for 25 x 16mm tubes temp to 155C

SGE06062 Hanna CB9800 Reactor

Reactor block 25 x 16mm place with105C 150C temperature select timer to 120mins

SGE00948 Pharmacia MH 10

Single block reactor 37C to take 5mm tubes

SGE05034 STEM RS1000A

Single compact block reactor for 8 x 50/25mm tubes digital

SGE03819 Thermoline DB3
Three block reactor for 20 x 12mm tubes thermostat control
SGE02157 Thermolyne 16500

Three block reactor for 12x18mm tubes each thermostat control to 110C

SGE03777 Thermolyne DB28120-26

Three block reactor for 12x18mm tubes each analog 90C & 150C

SGE06458 Thermo Scientific Reactithem I 18821

Block heater 20 x 13 mm tube size temperature / stirrer control digital display

Showing 11 of 11