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SGE06412 Adam AMB 110

Moisture balance programmable 110g x 0.001g timer to 9 hr 50 min temperature 50C to 160C

SGE06064 Adam ASC 4000

Top pan 4000g x 0.5g  LCD display 160 x 180mm pan ext calibration AC/battery

SGE06065 Adam ASC 8000

Top pan 8000 x 1g  LCD display 160 x 180mm pan ext calibration AC/battery

SGE05834 Adam CQT 2000

Top pan 2000g x 1g ext calibration

SGE05835 Adam CQT 5000

Top pan 5000g x 1g ext calibration

SGE05833 Adam CQT 601

Top pan 600g x 0.1g ext calibration

SGE05832 Adam HCB 3001

Top pan 3000g x 0.1g int calibration rechargeable battery

SGE05831 Adam HCB 602H

Top pan 600g x 0.01g int calibration rechargeable battery

SGE05652 Adam PMB 53

Moisture balance up to 50g x 0.001g and 0.01% resolution. New

SGE05651 Adam PW 254

Analytical 250g x 0.1mg internal calibration RS-232 port (other models available)

SGE06405 A & D GX-600

Precision digital 610g x 0.001g auto calibration with draft shield

SGE06395 A & D MS-70
Moisture balance programmable 71g x 0,001g 30C
SGE03683 Denver AC-400D
Precision digital 400g x 0.001g multifunctional with data storing/statistical analysis
SGE04558 Denver AC 800
Precision digital 800g x 0.01g auto calibration program modes with draft shield
SGE03122 Mettler LP15

Infrared heater for moisture balance variable heat settings

SGE03138 Mettler PE11

Compact 11kg x 0.1g auto zero/tare

SGE04087 Mettler PE22
Precision digital 2kg / 24kg x 0.1g / 1g dual range tare mode manual calibration
SGE03137 Mettler PJ12
Compact 12kg x 0.1g manual calibration printer port
SGE05086 Mettler PM 15
Compact 15kg x 1g manual calibration RS232
SGE06205 Mettler PM 34 Delta Range

Precision digital 4Kg / 32Kg x 0.1g / 1g manual calibration

SGE06252 Mettler SB32001DR

Precision balance delta range 6400gm x 0.1gm / 32100gm x 1gm accuracy with carry case

SGE04417 Mettler Toledo AX 205

Analytical digital 81/220g x 0.01/0.1mg advanced functions LC touch screen motorised door auto calibration

SGE06658 Mettler Toledo BBA 422-60LA

Compact 30/60 Kg x 10/20g digital display, external calibration with rechargeable battery

SGE05907 Mettler Toledo E2 Class
Calibration weights OIML certified E2 class stainless steel 500mg 1g 20g 50g 100g 200g units
SGE05289 Mettler Toledo HG 53

Moisture balance 51g x 0.001g halogen heater programmable modes LCD manual calibration motorised door

SGE06616 Mettler Toledo ME204

Analytical balance 220g x 0.1mg programmable with multi modes auto calibration

SGE06522 Mettler Toledo MS3002S

Precision balance 3.2 Kg x 0.01g with internal and external calibration RS232 and USB ports

SGE05883 Mettler Toledo MX5

Analytical microbalance 5.1 x 1ug LC touch screen control motorised door autocal includes RS-P42 printer

SGE04670 Mettler Toledo PC16

Compact 16kg x 0.1g manual calibration RS232

SGE04966 Mettler Toledo PG2002-S

Precision dual range 400g / 2100g x 0.01g / x 0.1g auto calibration

SGE04969 Mettler Toledo PG3001-S

Compact 3100g x 0.1g auto calibration multi function features

SGE04963 Mettler Toledo PG603-S

Precision dual range 120g / 610g x 0.001g / x 0.01g auto calibration

SGE04964 Mettler Toledo PG603-S

Precision dual range 610g x 0.001g 'DeltaTrac'

SGE04970 Mettler Toledo PM11-K
Precision 11 kg x 0.1g with auto calibration "DeltaTrac" graphic indicator with manual
SGE06625 Mettler Toledo SAG285

Precision specialised applications 81g / 210g x 0.01mg / 0.1mg separate weighing cell auto calibration

SGE04968 Mettler Toledo SG16000
Compact 16kg x 1g auto calibration multi function features
SGE05228 Mettler Toledo SM3000X

Compact 3100g x 0.1g with SMX "intrinsically safe" weighing terminal

SGE06653 Mettler Toledo UMX5

Comparator microbalance 5.1g x 0.1ug with touch screen control motorised door auto calibration

SGE06368 Mettler Toledo XP105DR

Analytical 31 / 120g x 0.01 / 0.1mg programmable with advanced features touch screen

SGE06624 Mettler Toledo XS1203S

Precision balance touch screen control 1210g x 1mg auto / manual calibration printer port

SGE06408 Ohaus Defender 3000

Compact 30Kg x 10g bench weighing/counting scale 305 x 355mm LCD display

SGE06692 Ohaus EL50L

Top loading heavy duty 50Kg x 0.02Kg on 31 x 27 x 4 cm pan with separate control LCD display external calibration

SGE06723 Ohaus MB90

Moisture balance 90g x 1mg programmable touch screen with halogen heater to 200C

SGE06667 Precisa XT620M

Precision digital 620 x 0.001g with multifunction menu internal calibration RS232 interface

SGE04414 Sartorius Basic BP4100

Compact 4100g x 0.1g manual calibration

SGE05084 Sartorius BP12000-S

Compact 12kg x 0.1g manual calibration printer port

SGE06528 Sartorius BP211D

Analytical dual range 80 / 210 g x 0.01 / 0.1 mg internal and external calibration

SGE06235 Sartorius IB31000P

Precision digital 30kg x 0.1g manual calibration RS232 420mm x 300mm weighing pan

SGE06234 Sartorius LA16001S

Precision digital 16000g x 0.1g auto calibration 400mm x 300mm weighing pan

SGE04878 Sartorius LA620S

Precision digital 620g x 0.001g multi-function menu

SGE06666 Sartorius LC621S

Precision digital 620g x 0.001g draught shield external calibration RS232

SGE05083 Sartorius LP2200P

Precision  2200/800/400g x 0.05g/ 0.02g/ 0.01g programmable auto calibration

SGE04880 Sartorius LP2200S

Precision 2200g x 0.01g multi-function menu LC display auto calibration

SGE06744 Sartorius ME36S

Analytical microbalance 31g x 1ug motorised door auto calibration

SGE06203 Sartorius PMA 7200-X

Top pan 7200g x 0.1g paint balance explosion proof external calibration

SGE06694 Sartorius Practum 313-1S

Precision 310 g x 1 mg external calibration with touch screen control

SGE06623 Sartorius Quintex 224-1S

Analytical 220g x 0.1mg auto calibration touch screen control

SGE05932 Shimadzu AUW220D

Analytical digital 82/220g x 0.01/0.1mg auto calibration Windows direct function RS232C

SGE03649 SYWA BS3000A

Top pan 3000g x 0.1g manual calibration RS232 with AC power adapter

SGE04609 SYWA BS6000+

Top pan 6kg x 0.1g manual calibration RS232 battery or AC


Counting scale 30Kg x 1g resolution AC / rechargeable battery

SGE06695 Troemner ISO/IEC 17025

Mass set class 1 NVLAP mass certification for calibration and reference use in protective case

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