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Autoclaves / Sterilizers

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SGE03310 Labmaster
Steam steriliser 10L with instrument tray & lid
SGE06654 Melag Euroclav 29VS

Autoclave S class 18 L provides 4 sterilization programmes includes Melaflash CF card printer & accessories

SGE03512 Siemens Validator Plus AE

Autoclave bench model 20cm dia x 39cm deep chamber program control with instrument trays

SGE04128 Tuttnauer 2540EKA

Autoclave bench type 23 litre 25cm dia x 46cm deep s/steel chamber 5 custom program cycles - Tuttnauer 2540EKA

SGE05362 Tuttnauer 3870ELC

Autoclave bench type 85 litre 38cm dia x 69cm deep LCD display 6 preset program cycles 6kW 3 phase - Tuttnauer 3870ELC

SGE06725 Tuttnauer 5075EL

Autoclave 160L 50cm dia x 75cm deep s/steel chamber LCD display 8 program cycles  415V 20A


SGE06633 W&H Lisa 522

Autoclave B class 15 litre 3 cycle programs 2 test cycle programs 2.2 Bar

SGE06435 W&H Lisa MB17

Autoclave B class bench type 17L with 3 cycle and 2 test cycle programs 2.4 Bar LCD display with printer 240V

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