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SCH04328 Bio Rad 1250426

Variable temperature range to 150C two column capacity oven

SCH06459 CTC Analytics COMBIPAL
GC/LC sample injector for liquid SPME head space modes XYZ robotic arm on control module
SCH06425 CTC G6503-CTC
CTC headspace upgrade kit for sampler models G6501-CTC and G6509-CTC with trays, syringe, agitator etc.
SCH03595 Gilson 819/215

Valve injector for LC/MS/MS includes 215 liquid handling system, 4 x 209 (96 x 2ml) racks

SCH02204 Hewlett Packard 3396A Series II

Programmable for GC or LC application

SCH06372 Hewlett Packard G1376A 1100 series

Dual piston capillary pump 1.0

SCH06371 Hewlett Packard G2227A 1100 series

Dual piston Nanopump 0.1

SCH02506 ICI TC1900

Temperature program to 90C with solvent vapour warning facility, manual

SCH05554 Isco 260 D

Syringe pumps 266 ml capacity with D series controller pressure to 7500 psi flow rate 107 mls/min

SCH06295 Parker Balston MGG-2550-220
Makeup gas generator nitrogen / zero air flow N2 400 mls / min zero air 2.5L / min purity > 99.9%
SCH06379 Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100

Evaporative light scattering detector with keypad control digital display

SCH03390 Rheodyne 5011, 5031

PTFE rotary six position and double three way selector valves

SCH03389 Rheodyne 7060, 7000

Six port six position and two position column switching valves

SCH03388 Rheodyne 7125, 7010

Analytical stainless steel valves 1ul - 5ml with interchangable loops

SCH06126 Schmidlin BORA 1300
Nitrogen generator compact for 9.999% purity to 750 mls/min 75 psi users manual
SCH06131 SST Polaratherm 9030

Method development oven automated sequence for 4 columns from sub ambient to 200C

SCH04435 Supelco SupelPRO EV700-102

Switching valve 10 port electronic controlled motorised for HPLC fluids new in box

SCH05175 Timberline

Temperature to 100C single column over temperature cut off

SCH06733 Varian TV 801 / Sciex 1012180

Turbo molecular pump coupled with inlet and outlet flange

SCH06029 Waters 2414

Refractive index detector programmable settings with internal temperature control RI range 1.00

SCH03353 Waters 2487

UV/VIS dual channel 190

SCH05795 Waters 474

Fluorescence detector programmable 190

SCH04630 Waters 515

Dual piston, microprocessor control with flow to 10 ml/min at max 6000 psi

SCH05179 Waters 590

Dual piston programmable with flow rate to 20ml/min x 0.01ml/min

SCH04560 Waters 626

Non-metallic quaternary system with 600S programmable system controller

SCH02550 Waters TCM

Programmable module with separate column heater to 150C and over temp alarm

SCH05178 Waters U6K

LC septum less injector with 2ml sample loop with manual

SCH05137 Wheaton

Crimper for 13 mm vials pneumatic air powered at 45

SCH06757 Camag UV Cabinet

UV viewing cabinet with short and long UV wavelengths

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