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HPLC Systems

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SCH06516 Agilent 1260 series

HPLC quaternary LC system with degasser ALS TCC DAD components software manuals

SCH06547 Agilent Technologies 1220 infinity LC

Gradient binary pump with auto injector variable wavelength detector Chemstation

SCH05348 Hewlett Packard 1100 Series

Gradient system comprising G1311A Quad pump G1315B DAD, G1313A autosampler, column oven, manuals & software

SCH06683 Shimadzu Prominence LC 20AD

HPLC system with quaternary pump, degasser, auto sampler, column oven, PDA detector, PC with software loaded

SCH05815 Waters 1525
Binary system 1525 pump 2487 UV/Vis detector complete with Breeze V3.3 software and tutorials

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