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SCH05174 Pharmacia
Low pressure chromatography columns assorted sizes and types
SCH04524 Pharmacia Frac-100
Fraction collector digital control all modes
SCH05564 Pharmacia P-1

Peristaltic pump single channel flow range 0.6 to 500ml per hour

SCH02738 Pharmacia P-500

Low pressure pump dual reciprocating plunger with gradient capability

SCH02507 Pharmacia UV-1
UV single channel 254, 280nm filter
SCH05940 Waters Fraction Collector III
Fraction collector for HPLC with key operated programmable parameters on LC display user manual
SCH06752 Amersham Pharmacia INdex

Chromatography column 4 litre 3 Bar 500mm x 150mm with stand

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