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Dissecting / Stereo Microscopes

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SMI06266 Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom4
Binocular 7/40 zoom magnification on small boom stand
SMI04136 Binocular/Trinocular 7/45x zoom magnification

 'new in box' various configurations available

SMI06534 Leica MZ16FA

Fluorescence stereo microscope, automated, with transmitted light base, 100W Hg and 150W cold light source

SMI05006 Leica MZ6
Binocular 6/40x zoom magnification on small rack stand
SMI04753 Leica MZ6
Binocular 6/40x zoom magnification on boom stand
SMI06681 Nikon SMZ1000

Binocular ED Plan 1.5x objective 12-120x zoom magnification with C-DS Diascopic stand, TN-PSE30 lamp control

SMI05502 Nikon SMZ645
Binocular 8/50x zoom magnification 10x 22 widefield eyepiece on C-PS adjustable rack stand
SMI05383 Olympus SZ40
Trinocular 7/40x zoom magnification on small base
SMI05695 Olympus SZ40 ESD
Binocular 7/40x zoom magnification 10x-ESD/22 eyepieces with small rack stand
SMI05266 Olympus SZH
Trinocular 7/65x zoom research microscope planapo 1x objective, trans-illuminated DF base, c-mount adapter
SMI06263 Olympus X Series
Binocular 6/40x step zoom magnification with trans-illuminator base
SMI05382 Wild M3Z
Binocular 6/40x zoom magnification with diascopic light base/illuminator
SMI06682 Wild M8

Trinocular 10x/21B eyepieces, 6.3 - 50x zoom magnification Plan 1.0x objective, adjustable stand on Diascopic light base

SMI05333 Zeiss Stemi 1000
Binocular 7/35 x zoom magnification 10x 23 widefield eyepiece on adjustable rack stand
SMI05381 Zenith SZM B8L3

Trinocular 7/45x zoom magnification with LED light base & ring illumination

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