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SMI06690 Leica DM750 PLM

Binocular polarizing for PLM with centering nosepiece for Hi Plan 4x POL, 10x POL, 10x POL DS and 40x POL objectives, 10x/20 POL eyepieces, rotating stage with X-Y mechanism, Analyzer/Bertand lens, 530 lambda compensator, LED

SMI06689 Leica DME

Binocular BF/DF/ phase contrast condenser, Hi Plan 10x, pH1 40x pH2 objectives, Periplan 15x/14 eyepieces with Walton Beckett G22 graticule

SMI06532 Leica DMLB

Comparison trinocular brightfield microscopes with fluorescence, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x objectives, EL6000 illumination

SMI06535 Leica DMLS

Trinocular Ergo head, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x NPlan objectives, x-y stage 30W halogen illumination

SMI06699 Leica DMRME

Research trinocular reflected light, 10x/25  L Plan adjustable eyepieces, PL Fluotar 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x objectives, BF/DF with polarisation, inbuilt filters, motorised stage with digital readout, RS232C, c-mount, 100W illumination

SMI04927 Leitz Laborlux K
Trinocular 3 objectives phase condenser koehler illumination in-built 20W light source
SMI04132 Leitz Laborlux S

Binocular with phase contrast 3 objectives

SMI02852 Leitz SM-LUX

Trinocular 4 objectives with inbuilt light

SMI06607 Motic AE2000

Inverted binocular brightfield /phase Plan 4x Ph0, 10x Ph1, LWD 20x Ph1 objectives, auto off/on 30W illumination

SMI06583 Nikon Eclipse TE200

Inverted binocular 4x PhL DL, 10x PhL DL objectives ELWD 0.3 condenser, Bertrand lens, non-standard stage

SMI05259 Nikon labophot 2

Trinocular 4 plan objectives 30W illumination with filter cassette

SMI05262 Nikon Optiphot
Trinocular 4 plan objectives ultra wide field 10x eyepieces filter holder 50W illumination
SMI05260 Nikon Optiphot 2
Trinocular 4 plan objectives Phase/DF condenser 50W illumination filter holder
SMI05258 Nikon Optiphot 2

Epi-fluorescence trinocular 4 plan objectives, EFD-3 fluorescence, 30W & 100W illumination

SMI05591 Olympus BH

Binocular 4 objectives inbuilt light with phase option

SMI04750 Olympus BH2

Trinocular 4 objectives with phase and/or fluorescence option 100W illumination

SMI05011 Olympus BH2

Binocular 4 plan objectives x-y stage 20W Koehler illumination

SMI05256 Olympus BH2
Trinocular 5 splan objectives 100W illumination, 3 way teaching head option available
SMI05592 Olympus BX40
Binocular brightfield 4 Plan infinity objectives 30W Koehler illumination
SMI06475 Olympus BX40

Trinocular transmitted/reflected light attachment, BF/DF, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x Mplan, x-y stage 30W/50W illumination, c-mount option

SMI06451 Olympus BX41

Trinocular 10x, 40x, 60x 100x Uplan FLN plan objectives with optional U-TV1X-2, U-CMAD3 c-mount

SMI06092 Olympus BX41M-LED
Metallurgical binocular inspection microscope 10X, 20x LMPlan objectives, LED illumination, lge x-y stage
SMI06531 Olympus BX50

Polarizing petrographic trinocular w/ Bertrand lens, analyzer/compensator plate, rotating stage x-y holder, centerable UPlan 10x, 20x, 40x objectives, 100W illumination

SMI06493 Olympus CH2

Binocular 4 objectives x-y stage inbuilt 20W illumination

SMI05299 Olympus CK2
Inverted binocular SPplan4 PL, 10PL, LWD c20x objectives phase contrast 20W illumination
SMI06470 Olympus CX21
Binocular with 4x, 10x, 40x objectives, x-y stage, 20W illumination
SMI06344 Olympus CX40

Binocular 4 Plan objectives 30W Koehler illumination

SMI02349 Olympus E Series

Monocular / binocular with range of abbe & phase condensors, objectives & light source

SMI06442 Sunny Optical E5-201

Binocular 4 plan objectives 3W LED illumination 'New'

SMI06441 Sunny Optical EX20

Trinocular 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x plan objectives 3W LED Koehler illumination c-mount adapter. 'New'


SMI04428 Zeiss 16
Trinocular 4 objectives with inbuilt illumination
SMI05594 Zeiss 16
Epi-fluorescence trinocular phase condenser 16, 25, 40, 100x objectives, 2 pos filter block, 50W Hg illumination
SMI04426 Zeiss 16

Binocular 4 objectives inbuilt illumination

SMI06265 Zeiss Axiolab
Epi-fluorescence trinocular transmitted & reflected light 3 objectives filter block 50W HBO
SMI05702 Zeiss Axioskop

Epi-fluorescence trinocular with 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x Plan phase objectives, phase condenser, 2 filter blocks

SMI05355 Zeiss Axioskop 20
Binocular 3 objectives phase/ DF condenser Koehler illumination 20W light source
SMI05354 Zeiss Axioskop 20

Trinocular 4 objectives phase/ DF condenser polarization 20W Koehler illumination

SMI05567 Zeiss Axioskop 2 Plus

Epi-fluorescence trinocular for transmitted & reflected light with 5 Plan objectives 2 filter blocks

SMI06696 Zeiss Axiovert 25

Inverted binocular brightfield / phase 0.2 condenser, Pl 10x/18 eyepiece, 5x A-Plan Ph0, 10x CP Ach Ph1, 20x LD A-Plan ph1 objectives, 30W illumination

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